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Hi Chris,

Hi Chris,

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Please help review the following:


In the end there were two issues. The first was that the
pb.redirectError() call was redirecting the LingeredApp's stderr to the
console, which we don't want. The second was that nothing was capturing
the LingeredApp's output and sending it to the driver app's output (jtr
file). These changes make all the LingeredApp's output end up in the jtr
It isn't clear to me how the interleaving of the two streams by the two
threads is handled in the copy routine. Are we guaranteed to get
complete lines of output from each stream before writing to System.out?
Would perhaps the use of a BufferedReader in this place be appropriate, using 
Hi Christoph,

That would be an improvement to the interleaving of stderr and stdout, although there could still be issues. For example, if the test intentionally left out newlines as it built a long line that might take a while to construct (think of printing a "." each second or something like that). Also, if the last line was missing a newline, it would never be printed.



Another small remark: The indentation of line 361"             } catch (IOException 
e) {" seems too deep.

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