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Please help review the following:


In the end there were two issues. The first was that the pb.redirectError() call was redirecting the LingeredApp's stderr to the console, which we don't want. The second was that nothing was capturing the LingeredApp's output and sending it to the driver app's output (jtr file). These changes make all the LingeredApp's output end up in the jtr file.

It isn't clear to me how the interleaving of the two streams by the two threads is handled in the copy routine. Are we guaranteed to get complete lines of output from each stream before writing to System.out?
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I'm hoping Igor will chime in here, since this is just cloned from some closed code he wrote, and he recommended this fix. Perhaps we are just doing something a bit non standard here. When spawning a separate test process, don't we normally just dump stdout and stderr separately via OutputAnalyzer.reportDiagnosticSummary() after the test completes, and then only if there is an error. I'm not sure why Igor felt LingeredApp tests should be handled differently.




Tested by running all tests that use LingeredApp.



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