*** Seul-edu, Linux in education project: <http://www.seul.org/edu/>

EDUML is a first attempt at providing a standard Education Markup
Language in XML for assessment items, curriculular activities,
recording/reporting learner progress, keeping track of resources
(libraries), and contact information.  For more information see:

Dr Geo stands for 'Dr Geo Refers to Geometry Exploration Observatory,'
and is an attempt to bring a free interactive geometry program to Linux.
It's an education-oriented project for K12 schools.  For more
information see:

K12AccountAdmin is a web based account administration tool aimed at K-12
school districts.  The system allows staff in individual schools to
administer their own student and staff accounts.

*** gEDA (the GNU Electronic Design Automation project):

The current gEDA tarball version is 19990302 which includes
a stroke enabled gschem, the first release of gpcb, the first release
of gsymcheck (symbol checker), support for gtk+ 1.2.0, and the usual
bug fixes.  deb/rpm files are being released fairly quickly after each
main tarball release.  The two related programs, gmos and gwave, had new
versions released in January.

*** SoX (Sound eXchange, a general purpose sound converter/player/recorder):

We've set up anon-CVS (pserver) for the SoX project on our dev machine.
They're interested in having more people jump in to help out with


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