Bill Ries-Knight from seul/edu reports from Linuxworld Expo in San Jose:

>We are having a pretty good time here at LinuxWorld Expo, there are LOTS
>of people asking questions about SEUL and its place and the response is
>*exciting*.  People seem to think that the projects seul is working on are
>important and timely, particularly Linux in education, and we are happy
>to point them to the website.  If there are any people with the capacity
>to spend a few hours with us tomorrow, all we say is come on over.
>I will likely be alone most of the day, and it is nice to meet more
>of you.
>Bill Ries-Knight
>We are at the back wall under a banner that says "E-MAIL STATION"

Apparently they have copies of Linux Mandrake 7.1 GPL edition for all
who can join him there, if you need additional incentives. :)


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