A few comments on your setup and attached configuration:

Why do you want to create "br-test"? Normally in an OpenStack env, the SFF should be on the already created "br-int". I dont see anywhere in the config any references to "br-test". The only configured SFF (sff6) is being configured on "br-int".

From the flows you attached:

 * There is no Netvirt classifier being configured, which is on table=11
 * There are no SFC flows configured

If you plan to use both SFC and Netvirt on the same bridge, then the Application Coexistence needs to be configured so that SFC and Netvirt dont stomp on each other's flows. This consists of offsetting the SFC flows to its own set of OpenFlow tables.

Here are the commands we usually use to configure Application Coexistence for SFC and Netvirt. These commands must be sent before creating any VMs.

   curl -u admin:admin -H 'Content-type: application/json' -X PUT -d

   curl -u admin:admin -H 'Content-type: application/json' -X PUT -d



On 30/11/16 07:44, Anirudh Gupta wrote:


We have installed Openvswitch 2.5.90 with NSH patch and also upgraded our ODL setup to distribution-karaf-0.5.0-Boron.

The following packages have been installed on it :-















Still we are facing following issues :-

oif a bridge(br-test) request is POST in the ODL from the Rest Client, then corresponding SFF for this OVS Bridge should be configured, which is not happening in our case.

oif a bridge(br-test) is created in Openstack using ovs-vsctl command, then corresponding SFF for this OVS Bridge should be configured, which is not happening in our case.

oAfter configuring the Rendered Service Path, we can observe the flow drop at table 10.

Please find attached the following :-

oKaraf logs with a log level of DEBUG org.opendaylight.sfc

obr-int dump-flow


oOvs-vswitchd logs

We are kind of stuck in this issue, request you all to please extend your support in order to resolve it.


Anirudh Gupta

*From:* Anirudh Gupta
*Sent:* Wednesday, November 23, 2016 12:35 PM
*To:* '' <>
*Subject:* ODL SFF Creation Issue


We are using ODL Beryllium-SR4 release integrated with Openstack Mitaka Release having OVS version 2.6.1 and trying to create SFF by manually creating a bridge in the compute node.

The following packages are installed in ODL :-














As per the Beryllium User Guide

*, Chapter 25 Section Configuring SFC-OVS*, if a bridge(br-test) request is POST in the ODL from the shell, then corresponding SFF for this OVS Bridge should be configured.

But in our case this is not working.

The bridge details is reaching the ODL karaf.log(attached in the mail), but SFF creation is not successful.

The same issue is being observed using Boron SR1 Release.

Can someone please help us in resolving the issue.

PFA the karaf.log with a log level of DEBUG org.opendaylight.sfc

With Regards

Anirudh Gupta

Software Engineer <> | Extension – 4908


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