Hi Ricardo,
There are problems with the OpenCV VAPI that I discovered while trying to 
integrate OpenCV directly.OpenCV is not C compatible anymore in the recent 3.x 
versions (https://github.com/opencv/opencv/issues/10963). So I had to create 
another VAPI bridge that took in plain C structures and then called the OpenCV 
This bridge is wrapped in extern "C" so that vala can talk to it. OpenCV 
libraries are linked to the shotwell executable at the link stage.I think we 
can defer OpenCL usage until OpenCV3 gets into debian (it is available on my 
archlinux machine).
I have forked the shotwell repo and created wip/faces branch with my current 
WIP changes:https://gitlab.gnome.org/nma83/shotwell/tree/wip/faces
The face detection works as it used to in this branch, but using the VAPI 
bridge to OpenCV instead of another process.I am exploring other options for 
better accuracy - OpenCV with DNN or dlib.
The UI changes should not conflict with my change like you said, so merge 
should be seamless once we get there.

From: Ricardo <ricardofantin gmail com>To: Narendra Acharya <narendra_m_a yahoo 
com>Cc: "shotwell-list gnome org" <shotwell-list gnome org>Subject: Re: 
[Shotwell] Enhance face detectionDate: Fri, 22 Jun 2018 10:48:21 -0300Hello.In 
https://valadoc.org/opencv/index.htm there is a vapi to link directfrom vala to 
opencv without c/c++ in the middle. Some considerations:First, it use OpenCV 2 
which cannot detect automatically the presenceof a graphic card capable to use 
OpenCL.Second, in the last stable Debian the OpenCV3 is not available yet. Soit 
would not be possible to easily compile it in Debian.In the vapi, the functions 
about matrix eigenvalues to recognizespecific person faces are available 
too.I'm working in a new user experience 
-https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/shotwell/issues/13 - for faces. If youwork in 
bring the OpenCV3 to valadoc and use that vapi in shotwellprobably we will not 
work in the same lines of code and we will nothave much work in a merge.Phako, 
some time ago in a pull-request you mentioned that the use ofc++ is not a big 
issue. Is ok to Narendra work in the use of theOpenCV vapi in shotwell 
now?Bye,Ricardo.2018-06-22 5:08 GMT-03:00, Narendra Acharya via 
shotwell-list<shotwell-list gnome org>:
I was looking at the current face detection code in shotwell 0.29.2 and feel
that it can be enhanced.So I pulled the code
from https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/shotwell.git and started making some
changes.1. Do not run another process for face detection
(shotwell-facedetect) but integrate the OpenCV calls into shotwell and link
to OpenCV libraries2. Ability to use OpenCL when available on the platform
using T-API in OpenCV 3.x3. Eventually add face recognition on photos using
a trained model based on faces labelled by the user - this would need a few
faces to be tagged by the user before the OpenCV face recognition calls can
be used
Is there anyone else working on this area?

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