Hi folks,
  I am new here.  I am trying to compile Siesta 2.0 with MPI on a LINUX
PowerPC and MPICH-1.2.7.  It configures and runs its tests against
libmpich.a and builds.  I have added --disable-shared to my configure
script.  Everything looks fine until runtime.  I then get the error:

siesta-2.0/Src/siesta: error while loading shared libraries:
libmpich.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

this message is copied three times.  I have tried lots of wild ideas and
searched through your message archives.  Please, someone tell me how to
turn it off!  Thanks very much!

                           Ray Sheppard

                   Principal Analyst
                   High Performance Applications
                   Research Technologies
                   University Information Technological Services
                   IUPUI campus
                   Indiana University

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