“Or.. Just get over with it :)”

I think spending time and effort on IPv4 policy is just purposeless.
Realistically, the people who are commercially wedded to that platform will do 
whatever it takes to keep afloat for as long as they can. Trying to make IPv4 
Policy ‘work right’ will be like playing “Whack-a-Mole” as the desperate 
players display every bit of ingenuity and rat cunning they possess to stay in 
the game, until their business model eventually becomes untenable.



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Subject: Re: [sig-policy] New Policy Proposal prop-116: Prohibit to transfer 
IPv4 addresses in the final /8 block

prop-116 is similar to prop-106 with few cosmetic changes so it would be good 
to review the old discussion.

I wonder if there can be better way to prevent such kind of transfer.

Yes, there is a better way, scrap prop-105 and stop handing over additional /22 
for no reason and add the recovered resources to final /8 pool. Or.. Just get 
over with it :)
Best Wishes,

Aftab A. Siddiqui

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