On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 11:27:47PM +0100, Max Weller wrote:
> I built a protocol decoder for the SDA2506 EEPROM. You can find it on my
> Github fork at
> https://github.com/max-weller/libsigrokdecode/commit/edd4ec248de35d750681deeedab6e40f560ebdce
> Feel free to add it to the decoders folder.

Looks great, thanks a lot!

Do you have an example *.sr file for our sigrok-dumps repository? We
usually use this to review/test/regression-test decoders. There's also
a sigrok-test repository where you can add explicit tests for this
decoder (these use *.sr files from sigrok-dumps) if you have some time.

As for the decoder, this should be mergeable soonish, just a few quick

 - Please remove all "print" statements, decoders should never use that.
   If it's something the user should see those can become annotations,
   and if it was temporary debug stuff it can be removed once the decoder
   is "finished".

 - The decoder should generally not throw/cause exceptions but rather
   "gracefully" handle unexpected input by resetting its state machine
   or such. We only have very few cases that should be handled via
   exceptions (see other PDs), e.g. missing samplerate or missing

Cheers, Uwe.
http://hermann-uwe.de | http://randomprojects.org | http://sigrok.org

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