Hi Uwe,

I've uploaded some example files containing traces of the SDA2506
protocol here: https://test.luelistan.net/sigrok/tests/

I removed the print statements and added a self.reset() in the except
block where missing command bits are handled.

I couldn't find other cases where exceptions are thrown/caused, are
there any specific problems?



Am 12.02.2018 um 16:39 schrieb Uwe Hermann:
> Hi,
> On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 11:27:47PM +0100, Max Weller wrote:
>> I built a protocol decoder for the SDA2506 EEPROM. You can find it on my
>> Github fork at
>> https://github.com/max-weller/libsigrokdecode/commit/edd4ec248de35d750681deeedab6e40f560ebdce
>> Feel free to add it to the decoders folder.
> Looks great, thanks a lot!
> Do you have an example *.sr file for our sigrok-dumps repository? We
> usually use this to review/test/regression-test decoders. There's also
> a sigrok-test repository where you can add explicit tests for this
> decoder (these use *.sr files from sigrok-dumps) if you have some time.
> As for the decoder, this should be mergeable soonish, just a few quick
> comments:
>  - Please remove all "print" statements, decoders should never use that.
>    If it's something the user should see those can become annotations,
>    and if it was temporary debug stuff it can be removed once the decoder
>    is "finished".
>  - The decoder should generally not throw/cause exceptions but rather
>    "gracefully" handle unexpected input by resetting its state machine
>    or such. We only have very few cases that should be handled via
>    exceptions (see other PDs), e.g. missing samplerate or missing
>    channels.
> Cheers, Uwe.

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