I've been using sigrok for a while for various purposes and one thing that
really stands out about it is the number and features of protocol decoders.

I work with embedded hardware a lot  and sometimes  it would  be useful to
have a tool to analyze a bunch of signals exported from either an embedded
logic analyzer inside an FPGA design or from an RTL simulation. This would
open a whole new area for protocol decoders. For example, one could make a
decoder for a system bus (AHB, AXI, ChipLink, etc) so it's easier to debug
the design from a more high-level point of view.

Commercial tools for this task do exist but  they're usually expensive and 
serve a different purpose:  rather than analysis, they're often focused on
verification and are accompanied by additional verification IP.

So, as far as I understand, in terms of libsigrok an implementation of that
would need:

1. New packet type which would carry a number of bits for each sample
2. Code for VCD import/export
3. PulseView waveform display

Is this something libsigrok could have? Any comments on possible
implementation details?



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