> 1. When first loaded the number of samples is uninitialized, and "RUN" sends
> a request for 0xFFFFFFFF samples. This seems to cause Pulseview to stop
> responding, maybe because it is waiting for data it will never get. After
> the number of samples drop down is changed once it requests the correct
> number of samples.

Thanks for the report. I noticed some problems with uninitialized settings,
too. Didn't have the time to debug it yet, though. This seems to be a PulseView

> 2. The first capture always works, but repeated captures often show no data
> is returned. This seems consistent with the note on the Sigrok wiki for the
> Open Bench Logic Sniffer hardware. If I switch back to demo device and then
> back to the hardware it works the first time, every time.

I assume you have an older version because...

> 1. Best practice would be to send 0x00 5 times before issuing the capture
> commands. This ensures that the hardware is in reset state if a previous
> command was interrupted/incomplete

... this has been implemented meanwhile and it fixed the issue for me.

244995a2 ("openbench-logic-sniffer: add a function to handle reset command")
b853eb76 ("openbench-logic-sniffer: fix acquisition restart with trigger 

I build from git so I don't know if this commit is in a release yet.



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