21.03.2018, 19:32, "Uwe Hermann" <u...@hermann-uwe.de>:
> Whitespace is still broken AFAICS, probably easier to attach the file
> created by "git format-patch HEAD~1" to an email or just ping us with
> a link to some github clone/commit (here or on IRC).

I have pushed a copy here: 


> I tried to manually recreate the patch, but a quick test-run (of all the
> jtag and jtag_stm32 tests in the sigrok-test repo) seems to suggest that
> it also breaks some decoding which looked valid before, e.g.

I think the jtag_stm32 decoder actually contains adjustments to counteract
the problem in jtag decoder. For example, almost every reference to bits
provided by JTAG decoder in jtag_stm32 contains a slice operation which 
removes one bit from the vector:


I think these indexes can be either removed or adjusted.



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