I am trying to get sigrok-cli or pulseview working on my iMac with either
the Ikalogic Scanalogic or ScanaPlus, both of which are shown as fully
supported. When the Scanalogic is plugged in the MacOSX system reports it
present but running sigrok-cli --scan returns -

sr: ikalogic-scanalogic2: Failed to claim interface: LIBUSB_ERROR_ACCESS.
sr: ikalogic-scanalogic2: Failed to get device information: -1.

When the ScanaPlus is inserted the mac sees it but sigrok-cli --scan
returns nothing other than the demo driver.

Can you provide any help with this problem? I turned logging up to 5 but I
don't seem to be able to locate where it puts the log file

Kind Regards,

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