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of course is that possible, but I would not recommend, to step down to
the C++ level and especially not to try to modify the C++ code of
SikuliX (believe my experience: it is good for nightmares ;-)

It is much easier, to stay on the Java level and use the OpenCV Java
API, especially, if you want to implement an image search based on edge
detection (is on my list for version 2).

BTW: At least for the situations, where background changes and
transparency are mainly towards the edges, it normally helps, to make
the image as small as possible by leaving out as much of this stuff as
possible. My experience: if the areas in an image, that might change or
are transparent are below 20 - 10% pixels of the total pixels in the
image, the search usually works sufficiently (scores above 0.9 - 0.95).

Examples for how to use the OpenCV Java API you can find in SikuliX
version 1.1.1 (class ImageFinder where I rewrote the matchTemplate based
search on the Java level) and of course in SikuliX version 2 (currently
only file handling and CVMat).

If you decide to try on the C++ level, come back for more instructions.

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