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Hi I'm using 

Linux debian jessie
sikulix 1.1.0 or 1.1.1(I installed it but when I run 'java -jar sikulix.jar', 
SikulixIDE 1.1.0 is open)
jython 2.7.0

When I use Sikuli X 1.0, I can run sikuli in command line by 'sikuli-ide -r 
xxx.sikuli' with other python file like ''  which sends email by 
just put this 'import send_email' in my xxx.sikuli directory.

Now, I need to use sikulix 1.1.0 to use jython 2.7.0 properly(I need to make a 
post request to an api to upload a file) in my Linux machine. I can run the 
script with the Sikulix 1.1.0 IDE, but I got error message 

'[error] ImportError ( No module named formdata )'

formdata is from

and this is my code

import urllib2
import formdata

client_id = "1234"

url = 'http://localhost:9292'
file = '/home/txt.txt'
fields = {'name': 'BOB SMITH'}
files = {'file': {'filename': file, 'content': 'Data here'}}
data, headers = formdata.encode_multipart(fields, files)
request = 
data=data, headers=headers)
f = urllib2.urlopen(request)
This is the command that I run in the command line

java -jar sikulix.jar -i -r ../sikuli/test.sikuli

[info] runcmd: lsb_release -i -r -s 
[error] script [ /home/sikuli/testtest.sikuli ] stopped with error in line 2
[error] ImportError ( No module named formdata )

I put the in the test.sikuli which is same directory as

I wonder why it is not work in command line with Sikulix 1.1.0 because it works 
in Sikulix 1.1.0 IDE and previous version. 

Do I need to get 1.1.1 ? 
I got 1.1.1 from and when I install it, it says it 
installs 1.1.1 but when I run the .jar file, it opens 1.1.0 IDE.

Thank you for your help in advance.  

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