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RaiMan proposed the following answer:
If it is a normal webpage (no Flash), then using Selenium is much more
suitable than SikuliX, to extract  content from the page.

If needed, you might mix both packages.

With SikuliX reading text from an image is possible but still rather
weak. nevertheless you might give it a try.

your questions:
at 1. if Python is ok for you, then the IDE is ok for getting used to SikuliX 
and make the first steps. PyCharm or Eclipse/PyDev could later be used, if 
things get more complex. The resulting scripts should then be run from command 
line in regular production.

at 2. Region.text()

at 3: standard Python file I/O

at 4: principally possible, but should not be used in your case for bulk
data transfer.

at 5: yes. With task scheduler the script has to run in admin context to
be allowed to act on the screen.

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