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Hi everyone,

I've created a farming bot for a mobile game which I am playing on my PC with 
the android emulator Nox.
My problem is that once I start the script the CPU usage goes up really high. 
Here's a SS:

And here is my script / code:

Settings.MoveMouseDelay = 0.1
running = True

def runHotkey(event):
    global running
    running = False
Env.addHotkey(Key.F1, KeyModifier.CTRL, runHotkey)

while running:
    if Screen(1).exists(Pattern("1516809781721.png").similar(0.90)):

    if Screen(1).exists("1516823633104.png"):

    if Screen(1).exists(Pattern("1517864572951.png").similar(0.60)):

    if Screen(1).exists("1516823633104.png"):

    if Screen(1).exists(Pattern("1516820524383.png").exact()):

    if Screen(1).exists(Pattern("1516812605236-1.png").similar(0.90)):
        Screen(1).wait("1516812737846.png", 60)

To run the script I'm just pressing on "run / execute" (Ausf├╝hren in
German) in Sikuli.

So if anyone knows how to reduce the CPU and RAM usage, please tell me!
If I do not set the FPS in the emulator to 10 my PC crashes within 20 mins or 

Greetings, Dave

PS: I'm a noob on this territory. This is the first I've ever coded
something so please explain it so I can understand what I should do. :)

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