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> I too prefer asynchronous communication over "real-time" & email
> over over slack, etc.

I find synchronuous comms (like the ones imposed on me by so called
"communicators") to be lacking in valuable information. Getting
anywhere near description of ${random topic as given by wikipedia}
requires really lots of tweets going back and forth. It is as
effective for data exchange as manually requesting every TCP packet
from one's network card.

This could be used as anecdotical proof that majority of humans are
already dumber than their average computer.

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> >wrote:
> >
> >>* this would also explain why a recent BBC article claimed "we" prefer
> >>texting to email, when my preference is the opposite; I'm
> >>guessing their
> >>exclusive-rather-than-inclusive "we" (which might include
> >>ancient romans,
> >>tut-tutting "lucernam redolet"?) prefer fast to slow.

They were sneering at fruits of long labour? I had no idea about it,
despite realizing they were not the brightest. But look where this
thinking took them.

Tomasz Rola

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