Hi CS will stop common infections due to bladder irritation -but not
dissolve crystals. For a cat they recomend 2ml morning and evening in the
mouth or you can add it to water bowl.
Please find all information you need on cat urinary tract health on that
page http://www.catinfo.org/?link=urinarytracthealth
Urgently stop kibbles for wet or best, raw food, provide plenty of water
(water fountain if possible). Omega 3  to fight inflammation ( too much
inflammatory Omega 6 in commercial food..To say the least) for ex *Krill
Oil*   http://products.mercola.com/healthypets/krill-oil-for-pets/  or

*Ubiquinol *is also a super product to reduce inflammation and heal

Most important: Feed as Nature have planned for our carnivores. Cats have
to find 70% of their needs in water in their Food.. Dry kibbles are just
killing them..
Hoping that help,
My best wishes for your friend's cat

2016-10-12 16:34 GMT+02:00 ASL raVen <aslra...@gmail.com>:

> Hey all,
> Question: my friend's cat developed Crystalluria...  Does C.S. helps
> break down the crystals in the urine? How should CS be given for an adult
> male cat? 1 tspn in a bowl of water daily?
> Tips would be appreciated if anyone knows.
> RaVen