Actually, it's the dogs saliva that changes the silver...usually to purple.
Backwash from drinking EIS from the storage container will sometimes do
that too, depending on what you ate recently.


On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 8:16 PM, <> wrote:

> One thing to consider, most dish 'soaps' have a 'sheeting' additive that
> helps the water stay absolutely in one film on your glass ware, ceramics,
> etc., etc.  It's impossible to detect by feel, or by sight wet or dry,
> feels clean and smooth, "nothing there".  Not impossible to wash off, but
> darn difficult, and takes a little time.  Sometimes, your fingertips have
> the keenest 'eyes' of all, squeaky clean may be a better sign than the
> bowls' appearance.  There could sure be other factors at work here too, . .
> .      Malcolm
> On 2018-08-09 19:40, Jean Baugh wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I set out a white bowl with estimated 12 to 15 ppm of colloidal silver
>> for my dogs, in the shade. Within minutes the color began to change
>> from colorless to muddy looking.  After 30 minutes, took the bowl back
>> inside and poured some more of the same colloidal silver in another
>> white bowl, then took a picture of them, side by side.  This happened
>> once before but after being exposed to the sun.  Indirect sunlight has
>> powerful effects also.  A long time ago, someone posted about keeping
>> CS out of the sunlight but don’t remember the reason, other than maybe
>> it caused it to lose it’s electrical charge.  But muddy??
>> Can anyone explain this color change?
>> I can send a picture of this to anyone who wants to see it.
>> Thank you,
>> Jean
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