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{min-height:100%;color:#000000;font-size:12pt;font-family:times new roman, new 
york, times, serif;}Hi.... yes, Zone diet is what I meant.  I think Sugar 
Busters is very similar
but stricter.  Lola
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I just realized that I read your email re "Zone" as the Zone diet.  Is this 
what you meant?Thanks.PT

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Husband came up with an A1C of 12.5 and bg of over 400....  I worked on him for 
month and got his bg between 200 and 250 but finally got him to the doctor 
becauseI felt his bg was still too high and damage might be going on. Biggest 
help was hubby's cooperation in eating 'Zone' (no blood sugar spikes), 
chromiumpicolinate, benfotiamine and cinnamon tea.  Nine months later we were 
able to forgo all diabetic meds (janumet mainly) and hisA1C was 6.+  (doc was 
thrilled) and bg was always less than 105 and was usually in thenineties (a few 
times down in the eighties).Lola ps.... another herb that some have raved about 
and had good results with is berberine.I have had no experience with this 
product. As always, do your own research and duediligence.
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Gynostemma. Ron Teeguarden’s Spring Dragon tea is very good and tastes good, 
too or you can just take the pills. Lynn

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Hi, Besides Ceylon Cinnamon, does anyone have another idea for controlling 
blood sugar... of course, keeping sugar intake down is understood.Thanks.PT