On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 7:32 PM, Henry Bent wrote:
> Here is a full SIMH build (minus altairz80 which requires glob) 
> for Android 5 or greater and anything with VFPv4 floating point 
> hardware.
> Let's get this out of the way first: These are alpha-quality testing 
> binaries.  They run on my phone but they might not run on your 
> device.  This is not a full-fledged Android app in any way.  If you 
> are not comfortable with adb and using a shell, these are not for 
> you.
> Download link: 
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/iqqcdaos4y7brxo/simh-android5.zip?dl=0
> I did very minimal testing with pdp11, enough to verify that basic 
> functionality is there.  In theory these have networking support 
> but I haven't tested it yet.  You will almost certainly need to be 
> root for networking but everything else appears to run just fine 
> as an unprivileged user.  If in doubt, put files in /data/local/tmp 
> and run things out of there.  Build info:
> sim> show version
> PDP-11 simulator V4.0-0 Beta
>    Simulator Framework Capabilities:
>        32b data
>        32b addresses
>        Ethernet Packet transports:TAP:NAT:UDP
>        Idle/Throttling support is available
>        Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) support
>        RAW disk and CD/DVD ROM support
>        FrontPanel API Version 2
>    Host Platform:
>        Compiler: GCC 4.9 20150123 (prerelease)
>        Simulator Compiled as C: Sep 16 2016 at 21:41:13
>        Memory Access: Little Endian
>        Memory Pointer Size: 32 bits
>        Large File (>2GB) support
>        SDL Video support: No Video Support
>        RegEx support for EXPECT commands
>        OS clock resolution: 1ms
> sh: uname: not found
>        Time taken by msleep(1): 2ms
>        OS: 
>        git commit id: fa292f59
> On my phone (Droid Turbo) I'm getting about 4 MIPS and 2 MFLOPS 
> on the pdp11, which should be more than enough for most uses.
> If you want do to testing but have different device hardware or OS 
> version needs, let me know what they are and I can probably compile 
> some binaries for you.

FYI, root should definitely NOT be necessary for NAT or UDP network 
transport, but I have no idea if there would be firewall issues which may 
be a functional factor that being root shouldn't affect one way or another...

- Mark
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