It appears that if you want to simulate a DZV or DZQ11 on a QBUS PDP11,
then you have to use the UNIBUS DZ11 instead.  That's OK, except that a DZ11
has 8 lines per card where as the DZV and DZQ are only 4 lines per card.
Simh won't let you say "SET DZ LINES=4".  This is something of an issue
because I want to set up my simh environment to exactly mimic my real
hardware, and it appears that's not possible as far as the DZ goes.


  Or am I missing something??


  BTW, it's funny that "HELP DZ" in simh talks exclusively about the DZV11
and even says things like 


. The DZV11 is a 8 line terminal multiplexor. .


That's totally wrong.


Bob Armstrong


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