On 13/08/19 18:18, Bob Supnik wrote:
ith Rich Cornwell's recent work, it's clear that the DECtape controllers should have been abstracted to a library ten years ago, but doing so would be a major PITA, now that there are six (at least) distinct implementations (PDP1, PDP18b, PDP11, PDP8 TC, PDP8 TD, KA10).

fully agree on PITA. I tried to patch the DECTAPE emulation into being actually writeable on DECsys 4 and 7 aaand.. failed.

on the "missing PDP", summing all up, I guess that is basically suggesting to extend pdp8 into a pdp12b, that is, encompassing all 12 bit PDP (plus the LINC variants)

both (rationalising the DECTAPE emulation and adding the other 12b PDPs) are definitively "long term" projects, and AFAICT SIMH 4.0 is still beta.

my suggestion should be working on both those project for the next major 4.x SIMH release.

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