Hello, first a want to present myself.
I'm Carlos and i'm gradueted in Informatics by the Universidade de São 
Paulo - São Carlos - SP - Brasil.
Now i'm doing my MS on Aeronautics Engineering in the same university. My 
work will be part of a Flight Simulator. I'll implement a the equations that 
describe the dynamic and control of flight. So i was looking up on the WEB 
for informations or something intersting, then i found out this project and 
starts to read more about it because a liked it.

But i'm writing because i foud this on DAVE-ML's site and got a little 

"We are also experimenting with being able to convert DAVE-ML files into 
HTML documents, using a Java-based tool known as eXtensible Something Linear 
Translation (XSLT)."

XSLT wouldn't be Extensible Stylesheet Language-Transformation??

Pax et Bonum!
     Carlos Eduardo Beluzo
    - Analista de Sistemas -
- Mestrando em Engenharia Mecânica
  Nucleo de Pesquisas em Aeronáutica
  EESC - USP - São Carlos

- Bacharel em Informática
  ICMC - USP - São Carlos
"O Senhor é meu Pastor, nada me faltará "
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