At 3:47 PM -0300 3/26/04, Carlos Eduardo Beluzo wrote:
>Hello, first a want to present myself.
>I'm Carlos and i'm gradueted in Informatics by the Universidade de São
>Paulo - São Carlos - SP - Brasil.
>Now i'm doing my MS on Aeronautics Engineering in the same university. My
>work will be part of a Flight Simulator. I'll implement a the equations that
>describe the dynamic and control of flight. So i was looking up on the WEB
>for informations or something intersting, then i found out this project and
>starts to read more about it because a liked it.
>But i'm writing because i foud this on DAVE-ML's site and got a little
>"We are also experimenting with being able to convert DAVE-ML files into
>HTML documents, using a Java-based tool known as eXtensible Something Linear
>Translation (XSLT)."
>XSLT wouldn't be Extensible Stylesheet Language-Transformation??


My apologies: your post somehow got lost in my in-box. So I hope this message will 
still reach you at school!

You are correct: XSLT is indeed as you quoted. I need to fix the DAVE-ML page to 
reflect the correct acronym definition.

At NASA we spend a lot of effort developing TLA's, but since this is a FLA, I was 
unable to process it using standard TLA tools and processes. That is why the 
definition escaped me when writing.

Thanks again for your post!

-- Bruce Jackson

P.S. TLA -> Three Letter Identifier. Thanks to JGB for the TLA 'TLA'.
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