Does DAVE-ML only cover vehicle characteristics, or does it (will it) cover environment and initial conditions?

A question has been raised here in Houston that I found interesting. Say that a simulation application is serving as a prototyping tool for a new flight software capability for some vehicle. I can imagine that both the vehicle characteristics and the control laws could be defined using DAVE-ML. I'm not sure if that is a fair characterization - I can't recall seeing the features of DAVE-ML that address FCS definition. Anyhow, at some point it is possible that the prototyping will be finished and that actual flight software is written - perhaps in a different language than the original prototyping was done in. Subsequently, it might come to pass that the flight software gets to be tested in place of the prototype code. So, then the DAVE-ML definition of the vehicle characteristics would I think need to handle bypassing the prototype FCS capability and instead include the specification of an interface to the actual flight code. Is this a special case, or something that is out of scope for DAVE-ML? Is it already handled?

Jon Berndt

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