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>Does DAVE-ML only cover vehicle characteristics, or does it (will it) cover 
>environment and initial conditions?
>A question has been raised here in Houston that I found interesting. Say that a 
>simulation application is serving as a prototyping tool for a new flight software 
>capability for some vehicle. I can imagine that both the vehicle characteristics and 
>the control laws could be defined using DAVE-ML. I'm not sure if that is a fair 
>characterization - I can't recall seeing the features of DAVE-ML that address FCS 
>definition. Anyhow, at some point it is possible that the prototyping will be 
>finished and that actual flight software is written - perhaps in a different language 
>than the original prototyping was done in. Subsequently, it might come to pass that 
>the flight software gets to be tested in place of the prototype code. So, then the 
>DAVE-ML definition of the vehicle characteristics would I think need to handle 
>bypassing the prototype FCS capability and instead include the specification of an 
>interface to the actual flight code. Is this a special case, or something that is out 
>of scope for DAVE-ML? Is it already handled?
>Jon Berndt


DAVE-ML at this point doesn't do control laws; we're limited right now to just static 
models (e.g. aero and inertia models).

In the eventuality that one desires to only use part of a DAVE-ML vehicle spec (as in 
your example, another implementation of flight control laws), the replacement scheme 
is left up to the user. They could eliminate that part of the DAVE-ML model or come up 
with some other means to ignore or switch out portions of the DAVE-ML model.

The scope of DAVE-ML is to specify some baseline flight dynamics model of a vehicle, 
so variations on that theme would have to be handled with either a modified DAVE-ML 
document or some external means.

Not an entirely satisfactory answer, I'm sure; I'll be glad to hear other comments.

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