> The suggestion JSB has made looks to be in accordance with a "pure" XML
> or HTML layout, but in the DSTO application I'm involved in we're using
> the Xerces-C parser to build our DOM at low level, so the approach of
> tagging each table point will result in many more short nodes in the DOM
> rather than one node with a very long content string.  In effect,
> navigating the DOM tree could be slowed down quite a lot (including for
> access to data not related to the table), and the DOM might require more
> memory just for the parser's internal structure.
> On the whole the current structure seems a reasonable compromise.

Let me clarify that I wasn't suggesting a move to tagging each table data point. In 
I like the format of the gridded table as it is now. It's quite similar to the way we 
it in JSBSim. I had gotten into a discussion with a more hard-core XML guy recently,
though, and some of the points he made seemed sensible. But, I wanted to get some 
from others who are doing similar work. The answers are pretty much along the lines of
what I expected - that is, there's not really any convincing reason to tag each data


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