> Summarising, the current DAVE-ML gridded table structure is valid XML
> but the gridded tables are not as fine-grained as they could be.
> However, the current structure seems to me a reasonable balance between
> size of the resulting DOM and accessibility of data points within it.
> Division into individual data points will not significantly improve
> accessibility for the calling program, and will add both memory and
> initialisation time overhead.
> I guess the point I'm really making here is that the appearance of the
> data to the program accessing a DOM is probably more important than its
> appearance to humans using various XML viewers.
> Dan Newman

I agree with you on this. I'm now writing code in JSBSim submodels to extract values 
the DOM tree structure that was parsed using an XML parsing class I wrote that's based 
(and wraps) eXpat. I can see that the deeper the tree, the more tedious it gets. I was
unsure before, but this discussion has made it pretty clear that the DAVE-ML gridded 
structure is a good balance.

Jon S. Berndt

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