>From our experience, also refer previous comments by Dan Newman, we are comfortable 
>with the tagging format of the gridded table as it is currently specified in DAVE-ML, 
>but also think the including the type definition would be beneficial.

More thought required for the ungridded data though. It will require individual data 
source and quality tags, whereas the gridded data needs only a single data source and 
quality reference, because by definition it has been massaged into a regular grid and 
it is this massaging process that needs to be referenced rather than the raw data.

Maybe a single string with all the data for each ungridded point will make for a more 
easily manipulable? DOM than the full-on XML / XHTML option, an on-going thought.


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> XML is for exchanging data. The goal of XML is to identify 
> the relevant items of a set of data and give them a semantics.
> We can't consider the same a table of n x m values and
> a textual description. I'm afraid the "right" thing to do for
> an XML format is to eventually go tagged (and, of course, 
> provide a viewer).

Perhaps a good compromise between the XML "granularity", readability,
and performance would be to tag the data per row as below:

     00  01  02  03
     04  05  06  07
     <tr> <td>00</td> <td>01</td> <td>02</td> <td>03</td> </tr>
     <tr> <td>04</td> <td>05</td> <td>06</td> <td>07</td> </tr>

  <dataTableCompromise rowdelim=" ">
    <row>00 01 02 03</row>
    <row>04 05 06 07</row>

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