> XML is for exchanging data. The goal of XML is to identify 
> the relevant items of a set of data and give them a semantics.
> We can't consider the same a table of n x m values and
> a textual description. I'm afraid the "right" thing to do for
> an XML format is to eventually go tagged (and, of course, 
> provide a viewer).

Perhaps a good compromise between the XML "granularity", readability,
and performance would be to tag the data per row as below:

     00  01  02  03
     04  05  06  07
     <tr> <td>00</td> <td>01</td> <td>02</td> <td>03</td> </tr>
     <tr> <td>04</td> <td>05</td> <td>06</td> <td>07</td> </tr>

  <dataTableCompromise rowdelim=" ">
    <row>00 01 02 03</row>
    <row>04 05 06 07</row>

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