Title: Re: DAVEML XML Schema available?
At 8:49 PM -0600 11/24/05, Jon Berndt wrote:
I visited the DAVEML web page, but did not seem mention of an XML Schema for DAVEML. I seem to recall some mention of the existence of a schema. Is there a Schema for DAVEML? I suspect that there is a way to convert a DTD to a Schema. I'm using oXygenXML as an editor.

Jon Berndt

Hi, Jon!

We haven't put an XSD (XML Schema Document) together for DAVE-ML since the jury seems out on wholesale acceptance of XSD's, while DTD's (Document Type Definitions) seem to be a universally understood schema description.

The DTD is available from


There are translators to convert DTD -> XSD but I don't have any experience. XSD is a very rich (and some say complex) syntax, so I don't think there is a conversion the other way.

Internally I use RNC (RelaxNG compressed) schemas to handle the DocBook-based reference manual and actually to generate the DAVE-ML DTD + reference sections.  This compact and powerful, but not universally accepted, schema description comes from James Clark of thaiopensource.com:



-- Bruce

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