I was noticing a gridded table definition (from the example on the DAVEML web 

    <functionDefn name="CL_FN">
      <griddedTable name="CL_TABLE">
          <bpRef bpID="MACH1"/>
          <bpRef bpID="ALPHA1"/>
        <confidenceBound value="95%"/>
        <dataTable> <!-- Note: last breakpoint changes most rapidly -->
 9.5013e-01   6.1543e-01   5.7891e-02   1.5274e-02   8.3812e-01   1.9343e-01
 2.3114e-01   7.9194e-01   3.5287e-01   7.4679e-01   1.9640e-02   6.8222e-01
 6.0684e-01   9.2181e-01   8.1317e-01   4.4510e-01   6.8128e-01   3.0276e-01
 4.8598e-01   7.3821e-01   9.8613e-03   9.3181e-01   3.7948e-01   5.4167e-01
 8.9130e-01   1.7627e-01   1.3889e-01   4.6599e-01   8.3180e-01   1.5087e-01
 7.6210e-01   4.0571e-01   2.0277e-01   4.1865e-01   5.0281e-01   6.9790e-01
 4.5647e-01   9.3547e-01   1.9872e-01   8.4622e-01   7.0947e-01   3.7837e-01
 1.8504e-02   9.1690e-01   6.0379e-01   5.2515e-01   4.2889e-01   8.6001e-01
 8.2141e-01   4.1027e-01   2.7219e-01   2.0265e-01   3.0462e-01   8.5366e-01
 4.4470e-01   8.9365e-01   1.9881e-01   6.7214e-01   1.8965e-01   5.9356e-01

I'm not an XSL transform or XSD schema expert, but I believe the table data 
will not be
transformable through XSL, since it is not keyed to specific elements. Is there 
alternative definition for table data?

The above representation of table data is what I use in the JSBSim table spec. 
I've recently been rethinking that. The tabular format above is nice because it 
can easily
be edited and is easy on the eyes. However, I'm considering writing an XSL 
transform that
would take table data and plot it using SVG. Not sure if that's specifically 
possible, but
it would allow for some nice documentation to be produced. It might effectively 
that an editor for table data should be available for creating flight models, 
however - if
that's not already a requirement.

Is there another table data spec format? Has anyone else dealt with using XSL 
and SVG
together to plot data contained in a DAVEML flight model?


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