At 7:04 AM -0600 11/30/05, Jon Berndt wrote:
>I was noticing a gridded table definition (from the example on the DAVEML web 
>    <functionDefn name="CL_FN">
>      <griddedTable name="CL_TABLE">
>       <breakpointRefs>
>         <bpRef bpID="MACH1"/>
>         <bpRef bpID="ALPHA1"/>
>       </breakpointRefs>
>       <confidenceBound value="95%"/>
>       <dataTable> <!-- Note: last breakpoint changes most rapidly -->
> 9.5013e-01   6.1543e-01   5.7891e-02   1.5274e-02   8.3812e-01   1.9343e-01
> 2.3114e-01   7.9194e-01   3.5287e-01   7.4679e-01   1.9640e-02   6.8222e-01
> 6.0684e-01   9.2181e-01   8.1317e-01   4.4510e-01   6.8128e-01   3.0276e-01
> 4.8598e-01   7.3821e-01   9.8613e-03   9.3181e-01   3.7948e-01   5.4167e-01
> 8.9130e-01   1.7627e-01   1.3889e-01   4.6599e-01   8.3180e-01   1.5087e-01
> 7.6210e-01   4.0571e-01   2.0277e-01   4.1865e-01   5.0281e-01   6.9790e-01
> 4.5647e-01   9.3547e-01   1.9872e-01   8.4622e-01   7.0947e-01   3.7837e-01
> 1.8504e-02   9.1690e-01   6.0379e-01   5.2515e-01   4.2889e-01   8.6001e-01
> 8.2141e-01   4.1027e-01   2.7219e-01   2.0265e-01   3.0462e-01   8.5366e-01
> 4.4470e-01   8.9365e-01   1.9881e-01   6.7214e-01   1.8965e-01   5.9356e-01
>       </dataTable>
>      </griddedTable>
>    </functionDefn>
>  </function>
>I'm not an XSL transform or XSD schema expert, but I believe the table data 
>will not be
>transformable through XSL, since it is not keyed to specific elements. Is 
>there another
>alternative definition for table data?
>The above representation of table data is what I use in the JSBSim table spec. 
>I've recently been rethinking that. The tabular format above is nice because 
>it can easily
>be edited and is easy on the eyes. However, I'm considering writing an XSL 
>transform that
>would take table data and plot it using SVG. Not sure if that's specifically 
>possible, but
>it would allow for some nice documentation to be produced. It might 
>effectively require
>that an editor for table data should be available for creating flight models, 
>however - if
>that's not already a requirement.
>Is there another table data spec format? Has anyone else dealt with using XSL 
>and SVG
>together to plot data contained in a DAVEML flight model?


There is another representation, but it has the same problem: ungridded data 
can be represented using the <dataPt> element; it gives the 'grid coordinates' 
and function value at those coordinates (the dependent value as a function of n 
independent values) but suffers from the same problem you mention.

I suppose we should discuss an alternative presentation so that XSL can process 
a table into SVG (I've been wanting to look at this, too).

As you point out, we need a table editor application, preferably in Java. See 
the third item on the DAVE-ML to-do list, <>.

-- Bruce

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