At 2:59 PM +0200 6/15/06, Giovanni A. Cignoni wrote:
>I'm working on a open source project about code generation for
>simulators of dynamic systems. The project is still very experimental
>but few results are achieved and we are now looking for case studies to 
>challenge our tool. More info are at:
>We will like to try to translate DAVE-ML in the XML which our code generator 
>is able to process and to verify if translation can
>be automated. Is it possible to have some more examples of DAVE-ML 
>specifications? Maybe something in the middle between the first two very 
>simple examples and the huge F-16 and HL-20 ones.
>Thanks in advance and best regards,
>Giovanni A. Cignoni.

Professor Cignoni,

I'm sorry that I don't have many simpler examples - the F-16 is actually a very 
simple model, for a full six-degree-of-freedom aero model. Most of the models I 
deal with, and which DAVE-ML is aimed at, are much more complex than even the 
HL-20 (which is more representative of what we use in our piloted simulations).

The only thing that might be simpler are launch vehicle models; these are 
usually axi-symmetric and thus have lower degrees of freedom. Unfortunately, 
they're regarded as 'munitions' and I can't share them.

Sorry to not be of much help, but I'm delighted to hear of your efforts. I'll 
visit the genesim website for more information about your project.

-- Bruce Jackson
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