I have just uploaded a new version of the DAVEfunc DTD to the DAVE-ML website, version 1.9b2, which addresses several suggested improvements and fixes a bug or two.


The complete list of changes is found in the updated reference manual, either in PDF or HTML format, but the major items are:

Added an enumeration attribute to the independentVar elements to indicate that the function should be interpolated with a quartic spline Added a reference to a most useful Wikipedia page that describes spline interpolation in detail
Corrected a missing ENTITY element that now properly includes the MathML2 DTD
Added two ungridded table examples to the reference manual

Most of these changes came from suggestions from Geoff Brian of Australia's DSTO; that agency has embraced DAVE-ML and is now providing a C++ API library, Janus, available under Open Source license


The manual also contains two new examples; these are a result of the AIAA's review of DAVE-ML as a proposed standard for simulation model exchange.

I was actually working on the final checkout of the new DTD when the message from Dr. Cignoni was posted; that was a pleasing serendipity because this revised DTD will address most if not all of the bugs he and his GeneSim project team found.


Thanks for the helpful suggestions!

-- Bruce Jackson
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