Thanks, Dennis,

It's great to have a fresh pair of eyes look at something like this; I appreciate the comments.

Look for these fixes in RC2.

-- Bruce

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I was just reading through the latest DAVE-ML manual (Dynamic Aerospace
Vehicle Exchange Markup Language (DAVE-ML) Reference, Version 2.0RC1,
$Revision: 273 $) and noticed that in the following sections:

Gridded table definition (page 22)
Ungridded table definition (page 25)
Function definition (page 30)

provenance is mentioned as an optional sub-element, but provenanceRef is not mentioned at all, although it is a valid option. They are correctly
documented in Appendix A.

Along the same line, neither provenance nor provenanceRef is mentioned
in the variable definition section (page 15) or the checkData section
(page 35).  A nit-pick would be that on page 35, the only true
sub-element to checkData is staticShot.  checkInputs, internalValues,
and checkOutputs are sub-elements of staticShot.

Hope this is helpful.

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