Hello mailing list,

I want to use the Simtrace for my master thesis on enhancing privacy in mobile 
For this purpose I recently bought 2 Simtraces. However I have a few questions:

Which firmware is on newly shipped Simtraces? The "buggy" v0.5 or the community 
enhanced version?

Also I wanted to flash new firmware to the device (both from simlabtrace 
(https://github.com/kamwar/simlabTrace/wiki), as well as newly compiled 
firmware from git repository (git://git.osmocom.org/openpcd.git). I wasn't able 
to try the community fix since the 
 is down.
The flashing process itself freezes after checking the connection state of the 
device. Even though the device is listed as idle the process does not continue. 
Any idea why? I'm working on a fresh and updated Kali Linux. If it's the OS do 
you have any suggestion for using another?

If the support/development of the Simtrace is at an end can you recommend 
similar devices?

Michael Kramer

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