I managed to build the tools using a small scripts that compiles them in the right order, adding --with-lib after each step.

Thank you.



Le 24/01/2017 à 11:03, Laurent Bercot a écrit :

This can be fixed be creating a symlink :

ln -s /usr/local/stow/skarnet/lib/s6/libs6.a /usr/local/stow/skarnet/lib/libs6.a

 No, this is intentional. The skarnet.org build system installs static
libraries in a subdirectory of $prefix/lib by default, as shown in the
output of ./configure --help.
If you want to link against them, you need to give appropriate --with-lib
options to ./configure. So, in your case:

 For execline, you'd add

 For s6, you'd add
 --with-lib=/usr/local/stow/skarnet/lib/skalibs \

 And for s6-rc, you'd add
 --with-lib=/usr/local/stow/skarnet/lib/skalibs \
 --with-lib=/usr/local/stow/skarnet/lib/execline \

 That's impractical, but a clear separation of build-time files and
run-time files is worth the small inconvenience.
 Alternatively, if you don't care about this separation and simply want
everything in /usr/local/stow/skarnet/lib, you can say so at installation
time, by giving the following option to every ./configure in the stack:


 which will achieve what you're looking for.


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