Le 01/02/2017 à 08:42, Casper Ti. Vector a écrit :
From those distros I have used, it seems that the kernel does not eat
anything from its command line, so I think it is unnecessary to
duplicate the `rootfs' parameter.

   Once it has all the information it needs and has found its rootfs, the
initramfs script doesn't need environment variables anymore, so it
cleans up its environment. You should do the same: be as transparent as
possible, do not leak into /sbin/init anything it doesn't strictly need.
/sbin/init may have the environment variables set by the kernel, but it
definitely shouldn't have any variables set by your initramfs script.
In addition, the cause for `KOPT_*' not showing up in Alpine init is
that sh(1) does not leak manually set variables except when told to
`export'.  In contrast, rc(1) does not have the `export' builtin, and
simply exports all variables.  Anyway, you can use the following
chainloading command to clean up the environment just before switching

For my tests, I used the following snippet as an init script:

    #!/bin/execlineb -p
    foreground { /usr/bin/s6-printenv }

Neither execlineb nor s6-printenv touch the environment. Yet, I had "modules" and "initrd" variables (which are in the kernel command line) but not the "root" one.


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