Oh, now I understand what you and Laurent meant: apart from
`/proc/cmdline', the kernel also exports its boot parameters (except for
`root=...', parameters without a value and possibly something else) into
the environment of the init process.  This is really useful when not all
parameters need to be scanned, which is often the case.

On Wed, Feb 01, 2017 at 10:11:12AM +0100, Guillaume Perréal wrote:
> For my tests, I used the following snippet as an init script:
>      #!/bin/execlineb -p
>      foreground { /usr/bin/s6-printenv }
>      /bin/sh
> Neither execlineb nor s6-printenv touch the environment. Yet, I had 
> "modules" and "initrd" variables (which are in the kernel command line) 
> but not the "root" one.

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