Tweaking my services, I have wondered where to put their configuration.

For longruns, one could either put the in the data/ and env/ subdirectories, or in a /etc subdirectory. The former allows to easily have different instances of the same services but the files might be harder to locate, and requires to update the s6-rc database to change the configuration. The latter allows to use a well-known location and to update the configuration without updating the s6-rc database.

For oneshots, as one cannot use neither env/nor database. There is no much solutions.

The same question goes for helper scripts (for example, the "event handler" of udhcpc, responsible for applying the configuration). I'm torn between putting them in s6-rc/scripts/the-service-that-uses-them, a "scripts" subdirectory in their configuration, or something like {/lib,/usr/share}/the-service-that-uses-them. Moreover, considering that the service scripts are moved around, use of absolute paths is required.

What are you doing, and why ?



Guillaume Perréal.

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