I'm new to this mailing list

I'm running on obarun with s6 as init and supervisor manager

Thanks for your great job. s6 is very stable.

I'am trying to set up an Ftp server with the superserver s6-tcpserver

i've try the command line : s6-tcpserver -v -4 2121 /usr/bin/stupid-ftpd

My ftp server configure to listen to port 2121 but nothing

on console the connection up and then down

Where do I've done a mistake

I've also try to achive a port translation, server on 21 and s6-tcpserver on 2121, i've found that s6-tcpserver-access can do this with a set of rules in a dir, but where to inform s6-tcpserver that he must pass control to s6-tcpserver-access before launch stupid-ftp ?

Like that : s6-tcpserver -v -4 2121 /usr/bin/s6-tcpserver-access -i /etc/s6-networking /usr/bin/stupid-ftpd

and in /etc/s6-networking
a dir -> ip4 -> MatchIP -> env -> file TCPLOCALPORT with a line : 21

Sorry for my english i'am french.

Thank for your attention

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