Adding support for predefined sysdeps in Buildroot should be easy. The
problem is generating these predefined sysdeps for all the combinations
of architectures and libc supported by Buildroot.

Could all the cases be covered by using sysdeps generated with QEMU for
arm, aarch64, mips{32r2,64}{el,}, ppc{64,}{el,}, i386 in glibc,
uclibc-ng and musl flavors?

From skalibs' point of view, as long as ./configure is given the correct
--host and --with-sysdeps options for the target, it's happy - and yes,
qemu would definitely work for generating the sysdeps.
 I've been thinking for a long time that a database of sysdeps would be
a good thing to have. If you can generate the sysdeps for all the
Buildroot targets, I'm willing to host them on for easy
global access - even though I suppose Buildroot would need to bundle
an offline copy.

Running QEMU'd autodetection tests is a no-go, because it would require
building QEMU for Buildroot (which takes time). This kind of option has
already been rejected by upstream when discussing regeneration of using a cross-compiled ldconfig.

 Well, cross-building is complex, so it's expected that bootstrapping a
whole cross-development environment would be heavy. But I understand that
Buildroot people don't want to make execution slower than it absolutely
needs to be - and if we can have a sysdeps database, qemu at build time
is definitely not needed for skalibs.


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