* s6-rc-compile segfault: boot up a VirtualBox VM with (for
  reproducibility) `alpine-standard-3.6.0-x86_64.iso', log in as root
  (no password needed), install s6-rc (v0.2.0.1 as of now) from the
  Alpine v3.6 repository, uncompress the attached tarball, and run
  $ rm -rf compiled && s6-rc-compile compiled main
  The outcome can be a hanging `s6-rc-compile' process, a segfault or a
  normal exit, so you might need to try a few times.

* Incompatibility of the compiled database: s6-rc commit 543c1405 breaks
  the backwards compatibility of the compiled service database, which is
  unfortunately not mentioned in `upgrade.html' (or is it expected to
  recompile the database whenever s6-rc is updated?).

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