Thank you for the explanations and solutions, things are starting to make more 
sense now. I can live with the envdir approach for my docker containers, or 
provide a tool to parse .env files and create the envdir when loading in the 
settings but before launching a program.



On Oct 23, 2017, 11:22 PM -0700, wrote:
> The underlying difficulty with Monty's question is that execline tries
> to avoid parsing as much as possible, and a file full of key=value
> lines,
> as simple as it is, still requires some parsing. execline wasn't made
> for this; the idiomatic way to store key-value pairs in the filesystem
> for use by an execline script is, as Monty found out, s6-envdir.
> If you really want a shell-like syntax, the best way to handle it is
> with tools that already understand this syntax, such as a shell, or as
> Casper suggested, env.

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