Le 12/11/2017 à 20:24, Laurent Bercot a écrit :
Will there be a plan to add something roughly isomorphic to libudev?

 Not in the short or medium term. The problem of libudev, and this
is shared by everything from freedesktop.org as well as systemd, is
that its design and structure cannot be achieved without a monolithic
implementation, and are a stealthy way to enforce vendor lock-in.

 In other words: if you try to implement something like libudev, you
necessarily end up writing your own udevd, which is a useless pursuit -
and there is no way to make it more modular.

A most desired addition to mdev would be to provide a means for Xorg to autoconfigure, which it does now, IIUC, with the help of libudev. This doesn't means using the same API as libudev because I bet Xorg people would be open to an alternative.

Not saying this is easy, but it's not the same thing as pursuing the whole udev...


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