mdevd- is out.
 (I caught a bug between tagging mdev- and making the
announcement, that's why it's now.)

 It uses a completely different coldplug architecture: instead of
writing to its stdout (and being piped into mdevd), mdevd-coldplug
just tells the kernel to trigger uevents. An instance of mdevd that
listens to the netlink will then catch the events.

 As a result, mdevd-netlink and mdevd have been merged. The
mdevd-netlink binary is no more. mdevd now binds to the netlink itself.
It has a -D option to specify a file descriptor to send a readiness
notification to. It also gets mdevd-netlink's -b option to specify
the kernel buffer size to store unread uevents.


 Bug-reports welcome.


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